• Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Climate & environmental scientist, working on solutions. Also: Executive Director, Project Drawdown. Personal views. GlobalEcoGuy.org

  • Dave Allen

    Dave Allen

  • Paul Fitzpatrick

    Paul Fitzpatrick

  • Daniel Glenn

    Daniel Glenn

  • Joe Mares

    Joe Mares

    plus.google.com/+joemares | @otisredn | cjlinklumbercompany

  • Dr. Ian O'Neill

    Dr. Ian O'Neill

    Recovering British solar physicist, tea lover, hairy Atheist. Publisher of Astroengine.com. We're the aliens, don't panic

  • Bill Moore

    Bill Moore

  • Dr. Kev Abazajian

    Dr. Kev Abazajian

    Astrophysicist strongly coupled with actions toward good governance. Professor of Physics & Astronomy at the University of California, Irvine.

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